Isolation made of coconut fibre

Hard pads in density 160 and 190 kg/m3 - meant to be built under the concrete floor, where the isolation carries the burden of the floor. One pad is 1,5 cm thick and to achieve the thickness which is required, several pads should be glued together.

Medium pads 130 kg/m3 - used for isolating the separating walls where the isolation is not fixed on the wall and should carry it’s own weight. It is also suitable for the floor.

Soft pads
80 kg/m3 - for roof, under the planking floor, also for separating walls where the isolation is fixed on the wall. These pads are 2,5 cm high and they could be put together to achieve any thickness required.

Loose fibre
for filling the empty spaces and rifts, for stuffing under the planking floor... it is packed in 10 kg bags. For 1 m3 of empty space 50 to 80 kg are required.

The stripes
used to stop the sound transmission through the floor construction. They should be put under the wooden holders of the planking floor.

Jute felt
for laminate and parquet floor. 0,5 mm thick, put under the laminate or parquet floor, it prevents the transmission of the sound to the building construction.

Thermal conductivity of coir fibre isolation pads is 0.042 W/mK, which corresponds to the results which also rock wool and glass wool show.

Coir fibre pads distinguish by their acoustic measurements. The sound absorbtion coefficient by sound frequency from 125 to 4000 Hz is from 5 up to 60 %.

Burning behavior.

Coir fibre belongs to the combustible materials and reaches group B4. As per prescriptions valid, there is no restriction related to that, except for the public buildings in common use such as hospitals, cinemas, theaters…, where the isolation made of coir fibre which would be used higher than in the third store of such building, it should be treated to achieve group B2, which means difficult to ignite. For these special purposes, we produce also treated pads.

Coir fibre characteristics

Coir fiber differ from other fiber of vegetable origin by its unique structure. Just like cork it is made of closed air cells, which provide excellent isolative properties. This composition prevents the moisture to penetrate into the fibre so there is no risk of fungus and rottenness attack. Due to that fact, coir fibre isolation is the only natural material, which is without artificial additives and adhesives suitable for isolation purposes, where the oscillation in temperature causes the wet environment and condense water.

Their natural origin makes them the ideal component of the living environment. They do not irritate the mucous membrane in respiratory organs and they do not change in form, function and characteristics during the aging.

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