Cashmere is one of the most prestigious and highly valued raw materials due to its softness and quality.

Cashmere wool is obtained by combing and collecting the most delicate undercoat hair of the cashmere goat in the spring and early summer molting of the animals. The cashmere goat lives in the Mongolian highlands, where temperatures can drop as low as -40 ° C below zero, making their undercoat particularly dense and fine.

Cashmere properties

Like sheep wool, cashmere wool is soft and provides snugness and comfort. It has a fine texture with strong but light and soft fibers and is a great regulator of humidity and temperature. Compared to sheep wool, cashmere is much warmer than the equivalent weight.

Cashmere is highly hygroscopic. It acts as a humidistat in the mattresses by absorbing the body's moisture during sleep and emitting it into the air afterward. This way, it helps to regulate the sleeping climate efficiently.

Due to its characteristics, cashmere wool is used as an outer layer in mattresses and upholstered furniture. To prevent sticking through the cover fabric, the cashmere wool fibers are fixed with 100% natural latex.


Cashmere, synonymous with comfort and softness, is traditionally used to make clothing. Due to its properties, it is also excellent as a top layer of filler in bed mattresses. Even with the thinnest layer of cashmere in the mattress, you will experience the softness and comfort of cashmere when sleeping.

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