Coir (coconut fiber) contains enclosed air cells, which give the fibers excellent insulating ability and resistance to mold and moisture. The fibers, located in a fleshy sheath between the solid inner shell and the outer sheath of the coconut, are an ideal component in the living environment due to their natural origin. They do not irritate the mucous membranes, skin, and respiratory tract and do not burden the environment.

Coconut tree

Coir is a fiber that is obtained from the fruits of the coconut palm (Cocos nucifera). The coconut palm is one of the most important cultivated plants in the equatorial belt due to its versatility of use.

Palm trees, which grow up to 30 meters in height and reach up to 100 years of age, thrive on sandy soils near the seashore.

At the peak of its growth, a coconut palm tree can yield up to 80 fruits (drupes) that can be as big as a baby’s head and weigh up to 4 lbs.


Coir is found in the outer fleshy shell of the coconut. To obtain the fiber, coir producers first soak the coconut shell water for six months. In doing so, all parts of the shell rot, leaving only the cellulose fibers. When dry, raw coir is washed, dried in the sun, combed, and rolled into bales.

When processing fibers into our products, baled and untreated coconut fibers are first combed on special machines and then mechanically interwoven. The intertwined fibers go through the press to form compact plates. To obtain the desired thickness of a pad, we bind the individual sheets together with a binder made of 100% natural latex milk.

Coir properties and benefits

Coir products are an excellent ecological and sustainable alternative to synthetic products. Natural materials benefit human well-being and do not burden human health and the natural environment.

  • Organic production: Coconut does not need artificial fertilizers and pesticides to grow in its indigenous environment. Fiber production and processing are chemical-free, with low energy input.
  • No waste production:  At the end of the production line, the coir scraps return to the beginning of the production process to reuse them in a new series of products. When the fibers become too short, they are used to loosen and maintain the airiness of the soil.
  • Biodegradability: Coconut fibers are 100% biodegradable. With their high energy value, they are also suitable for energy production.
  • Electrostatic neutrality: Coir fibers are electrostatically neutral, which means they do not absorb or retain static electricity.
  • Moisture resistance: Coir is made up of enclosed air cells, making it moisture resistant.
  • Resistance to fermentation and mold: Due to their structure and composition, coconut fibers are resistant to fermentation and inhibit the development of mold, bacteria, insects, and other parasites.
  • Thermal and sound insulation:  Due to its cellular composition, coir is an excellent natural insulator. With the mechanical interweaving of fibers, we create a firm yet airy structure that increases the insulating effect. The soft texture of the panels perfectly absorbs sound and prevents the propagation and transmission of sound throughout the building.
  • Pressure resistance: Coir fibers are formed by natural growth, resulting in no internal stresses in the material. Coir is resistant to temperature and pressure changes. Their flexibility allows them to bend under mechanical pressure, so they do not break and deform. When the pressure is released, they return to their original state.

Coir provides a healthy, human, and environmentally friendly living environment.



At KO-SI, coir is a strategic material used in all our production programs. Coir is suitable to make bedding and upholstered furniture fillings. In the cores of the mattresses, coir padding gives the spine the necessary support and provides airiness.

In the manufacturing of our products, we do not use any chemicals. For the surface connection of the fibers, we only use a 100% natural latex finish.


Filling components for bedding and upholstered furniture
Thermal insulation and soundproofing
Air filters
Natural fiber insoles
Hygienic cage and terrarium liners for pets


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