The hemp fibers we use in our programs come from controlled organic crops from Europe.

Mechanical processes through which we do not use chemicals to weave and harden the fibers make our hemp products suitable for use in the immediate human living environment. Our unique structure is airy and absorbs and emits moisture well, allowing it to dry and ventilate quickly.

Industrial hemp

Industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa l. Sativa) is a versatile plant that has already been cultivated in Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. Due to its high cellulose content and durability, it was used as a construction material and production of coarse fabrics. Until the 20th century, hemp was a widely present material, but its use declined due to its association with psychoactive effects.

Cannabis is significant mainly because of its rapid growth and versatility. The plant grows up to 6 meters in height and is very undemanding to cultivate. Recently, hemp is regaining its old reputation as an industrially interesting and important plant. It has the strongest and most durable fibers among plants.

Hemp fiber properties

Hemp fibers are very durable and the strongest among plant fibers. As the diameter increases, their tensile strength decreases. Fibers, reaching over two meters in length, are the most valuable.

Hemp fibers are naturally resistant to moths and bacteria. They are an excellent moisture regulatorretain heat, and are self-extinguishing. They are completely biodegradable and have a high potential for recycling.


Hemp fiber products have a positive effect on comfort in the home.

Hemp fibers have proven to be an excellent material for:

  • Packaging elements, as they have good insulating properties
  • Fillings for upholstered furniture and mattresses
  • Bedding for small animals

Filling components for bedding and upholstered furniture
Thermal insulation and soundproofing
Air filters
Natural fiber insoles
Hygienic cage and terrarium liners for pets


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