Natural fibers are strong, durable and biodegradable, so they have long been interesting as a material for geotextiles. Geotextiles are technical textiles intended for earthworks and civil engineering. They are used for hardening, drainage, filtration, fluid retention and protecting the soil from erosion.

Anti-erosion net

Anti-erosion net

Protect the soil from erosion

Erosion protection prevents soil erosion on embankments and protects the soil from drying out. This facilitates the germination and growth of plants, which eventually outgrow the network and naturally strengthen the embankment with their roots. The anti-erosion net is made of natural coconut fiber on a jute lining. The network is completely biodegradable and has no negative impact on the environment.


  • Substrate: jute H75 gr / m2
  • Filler: rubberized coconut fiber
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