Sheep wool

Due to its softness and excellent heat-regulating properties, natural sheep wool is a material that man has used for various purposes since ancient times.

Sheep wool is a top-quality filler that provides softness and comfort in bed mattresses.

We take care of the ethical attitude towards the environment and living beings. Sheep wool, used as a raw material in our products, is obtained only from proven suppliers who collect the material humanely and animal-friendly.

Jezersko-Solčava breed

Jezersko-solčava sheep is an autochthonous Slovenian mountain breed of sheep. It originates from the heart of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and the Karavanke, where it can graze on the best mountain pastures and drink the purest spring water.

The main characteristic of the breed is a convex nasal profile and a long, wool-covered tail. In this otherwise meat breed, wool is also increasingly valued. Its soft and fine wool is strong, airy, odorless, and naturally hygroscopic.

Wool properties

Due to its characteristics, sheep wool is a raw material that has been present in the human environment for centuries. Its curly structure gives it a lot of airiness and softness. Due to its elasticity, it returns to its original state after pressure. It is usually dirty white in color. However, grayish, brownish, and black shades also appear, depending on the breed of sheep.

Wool is an excellent heat regulator that heats in winter and cools in summer. In winter, it retains heat around the body, and in summer, it emits moisture, which gives a cooling feeling. As it can absorb up to 35% water of its weight while still being dry to the touch, wool is an excellent material for use in natural fiber mattresses.

Wool absorbs unpleasant odors and prevents the accumulation of static electricity. It is naturally resistant to mites, dust, and mold and is self-extinguishing, which means it does not burn quickly and eliminates the need for chemical flame retardants in products.


Wool is an excellent material for people suffering from arthritis or rheumatism. When used as a filling for mattresses and upholstered furniture, the wool must be placed as an outer layer to be as close as possible to the body. This allows it to stay airy, have a long lifespan, and deliver all the beneficial effects on the body.

Wool is also a great material as a mulch for vegetables or as a component in building insulation.

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