Thermal insulation and soundproofing

Coir is a verified thermal insulation and soundproofing material used to insulate roofs, floors, walls, facades, lining for laminates, and all contact surfaces from walking noise.

Due to its high bulk density, coconut fiber insulation has a good heat storage capacity and low thermal conductivity, preventing heat loss. It provides optimal protection against heat in summer and cold in winter. In addition to thermal insulation, its high mass also ensures outstanding sound absorption in all frequency ranges.


Technical details:

  • Thermal conductivity: 0,045-0,05 W/mK
  • Specific heat: 1600 J/kgK
  • Sound absorption coefficient: 70 % pri 5250 Hz
  • Diffusion resistance cofficient: 1 µ
Insulation boards

Insulation boards

Rigid insulation boards are designed to insulate concrete floors. They are laid under concrete.

Soft insulation boards are best suited for roof insulation. They are also used to insulate walls and floors.

Loose fiber

Loose fiber

Coir fibers are an excellent material for insulating and sealing windows and doors.

Soundproofing stripes

Soundproofing stripes

Sound insulation tapes are used as sound protection for walls and floors, and roofs. The strips absorb sound well and, at the same time, thermally insulate the wall.

Application: The strips are laid under plaster or laminate, or parquet in case of floor insulation.

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