In the field of bedding and upholstered furniture, horsehair occupies a leading position. Natural strong fiber is steam-curled to give the material lasting elasticity and flexibility. The fibers, which have a high capacity for absorbing and emitting moisture and good ventilation, ensure a permanently dry and warm sleeping climate.

For producing the padding for mattresses and upholstered furniture we use only the highest quality hand-processed horsehair from China, Germany, and South America.


Horsehair has been present in the human living environment for centuries. It is used for various purposes, namely for the production of the mattress and furniture upholstery.

The best horsehair is obtained from the mane and tail of the horse. Like hair, horsehair has small scales on the surface that face in the same direction. Untreated hair likes to escape through the fabric.

To prevent it from falling out, the hair is mechanically and thermally treated. After cleaning, the strands are twisted into braids and exposed to steam. Due to the heat, the hairs permanently curl, which prevents them from escaping out of the liner.


Curled horsehair has a spring effect and gives the mattress flexibility and softness.

Horsehair helps to regulate the sleeping climate. It is highly hygroscopic, which means it absorbs the moisture emitted by the body during sleep and releases it into the room during the day when the atmosphere is drier.


Horsehair is used for various purposes, namely for filling mattresses and upholstering furniture. Due to the unique properties of the fibers, it is usually used as a top layer to provide comfort and help regulate the sleeping climate.

The horsehair layer of the mattress and upholstered furniture can be placed in the form of loose fiber by hand and fixed by quilting or in the form of soft non-woven pads.

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