High-quality natural fibers for premium products

Organic products made of natural materials are an increasingly popular alternative to synthetic products. Natural plant fibers and animal hair are ecological, biological, and human-friendly compared to manufactured products and add value to the living environment.

The use of natural fibers in the immediate human living environment and the industry improves life quality and has no direct adverse effects on the environment. Natural materials offer comfort and are pleasant to the touch. They are electrostatically neutral, airy, naturally elastic and durable, renewable, and biodegradable.

At KO-SI, we use only the best raw materials from natural renewable sources for our products and turn them into high-quality products tailored to customer's and user's needs. Each carefully selected raw material gives fibers with unique properties that affect the distinguishing characteristics of the final product.


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Plant fiber

Plant fibers are obtained from different parts of plants that contain fibers of various lengths and properties. As they are more robust than animal fibers, plant fibers are especially suitable for the inner layers in bedding and upholstered furniture. Besides components for bedding and upholstery, plant fibers are an excellent material for packaging components, products for horticulture, construction, and other industries.

Animal hair

Animal hair is softer and warmer than plant hair. Animal hair is an excellent natural insulator and a good moisture regulator. In mattresses and upholstered furniture, animal hair is usually used as a top layer, which provides comfort and softness and helps regulate the sleeping climate.